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Dolores V. Reig, M.S. Ed.

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Who is Dolores Reig?
Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Educator, Consultant, Counselor, Workshop Presenter…
But really, who is Dolores Reig…

When I was about 13 years old, I realized we lived in a less-than-perfect world.  In my youthful idealism, I believed I could make a difference in how adults treated each other and in the quality of life in general. Intuitively, I understood that to change the world, we had to “look to the children”, a term I later came to understand also motivated Dr. Maria Montessori.

To say that I believe children are our future and our most important resource sounds clichéd and trite; but it is true, nevertheless.  I have spent my entire career advocating for children and trying to help adults understand the importance of early childhood development.

The births of my son, Jonathan, and my daughter, Alexa, not only transformed me from a theorist into a real-life mother, but also gave me the impetus to discover and pursue my life’s work. 

I became a Montessori teacher (I agreed with her basic tenets of what early childhood was about), started a Montessori preschool, (for the freedom it gave me to advocate for children and support parents), and continued my education (I will always love learning.)

I worked with parents because I believed parents could be inspired to fully believe and have faith in themselves and their children.  The children I worked with in and out of the classroom taught me what children really needed to develop to the best of their ability and potential and how to most effectively address those needs.

My goal is to keep advocating for young children and helping parents "survive" and ultimately enjoy the most important and demanding job in in the world.  I hope to continue helping parents acknowledge and appreciate the responsibility of being their child's first and most important teacher and role model.  

Even more importantly, however, is to assist parents and children in developing a healthy, positive, supportive and loving relationship that will enrich their lives well into adulthood.

I remain flexible and open to discussions of different opinions about young children. 

Dialog is not specifically the intent to convince the other, but rather of openness to understand the other.  

Dialog is what I encourage, learning is what I promote, and respect for and understanding of young children is what I advocate.

Let the dialog begin…

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